You quietly slipped away from us
One year ago today.
We never knew what sorrow was
Until you went away.

We miss your gentle spirit
And the sweetness of your face.
We miss the softness of your voice
Your charm, your wit, your grace.

We miss that sparkle in your eyes
The beautiful color of your hair
And the open Bible in your lap,
As you talked to God in prayer.

We miss your wisdom and advice
That helped us make our way.
We miss the "I-Love-You" phone calls
In the middle of our day.

We miss the hum of your sewing machine
And the handmade aprons you wore.
We miss the sound of your laughter
And that radiant smile we adore.

We miss the comfort of your arms
And the softness of your touch.
There's a million things about you
That we miss so very much.

We thank you for all the love you gave
For all those years of care
And we know that Heaven is a sweeter place
Just because you're there.

Written especially for Mary Ammerman by her family
 (October, 2003)



In the soft, warm breezes of Summer
We can feel your loving embrace
The lilies in the garden, the roses that bloom
Speak of your elegant grace

We hear your voice in the Nightingale's song
See your strength in the mighty oak tree
We feel your sweet kisses in afternoon rains
You're the goodness in all that we see

We can feel your love echoing back to us
In the smiles on our children's faces
And everywhere God placed beautiful things
We see you in all of those spaces

The legacy you left will keep living on
In the kindness we show to each other
And until we are all together again
We hold your love in our hearts, Our Mother.

Written especially for Mary Ammerman by her family
 (October, 2004)