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Look What Our Customers Have to Say!

I received my do-dana this week, and LOVE it!  Thank you for helping to turn  hair loss into a groovy look!  Jennifer, NM

     "Thank you for your prompt shipping.  I have received my hat and love it.  I am starting chemo this week, and it is a comfort to know that Doma Designs provides beautiful hats and prompt shipping at an affordable price!  Laura, Schereville, IN

     "Thank you for the head covers! They arrived today and I am impressed with the fabric quality and designs. They'll go great with a variety of my clothes.  Thank you for the work you do.  May 2009 be a wonderful year for us all."   ~ Andrea, San Carlos, CA

     "I want you to know that I've been so very pleased with your hats and matching scarves.  The thought of losing my hair from chemotherapy for breast cancer was so devastating to me, but once I buzzed off my hair and put on your hats, I felt so elegant and sophisticated.  I've gotten so many compliments too.  People do not even realize that I'm not trying to make a fashion statement.  I feel so lucky that I found your company on line.  No other company offers hats and scarves as well made and stylish as yours and why wear a wig when I look so much better in your hats!  Thank you!! ~ Gina, Clarks Summit, PA

      "I am just beginning chemo so I ordered your do-danas, bandanas, and several of your soft hats. They are all so chic and well-made. Who needs hair when you have something so pretty that helps us all during this time to deal with the loss of a breast and hair.  I expect I will be ordering more.  By the way last month's featured hat was terrific.  I liked it so much I logged on to see what is new for this month and plan on ordering that too." ~  Susan, California

       "You make, by far, the most beautiful and comfortable head covers I've found on the internet for those of us in particular need due to chemotherapy (believe me -- I've looked!!).  I will happily continue to wear mine even when my hairs grows back." ~ Sherrie, Maryland

     "I have had my second chemo treatment and have ordered from other companies and want you to know that the quality of your merchandise far exceeded my expectations and that of previously ordered items from other vendors.  Plus your delivery was very prompt and the lavender eye pillow (September's special) was an extra benefit. Thank you." ~  Kate, NY

     "I ordered two bandanas and I absolutely love them.  I suffer from Alopecia and have such a hard time keeping scarves on my head.  Your design fits secure and comfortable.  Thank you for offering such a great alternative to hair."  ~ Karen, Connecticut

     "I received my order today and can't tell you how delighted I am.  I have to wear a head covering due to alopecia and due to my lack of 'creative flair' am usually limited to hats or wigs. It is so nice to have the scarf (The Do-dana) that is sewn in a shape ready to tie and with your step-by-step instructions even I have managed to make it look elegant!  Am impressed with the bandana as well ~ this will be replacing my current sleep cap." ~ Louise, United Kingdom 

      "Dear Wonderful People at Doma Designs, I received my new order today and I just wanted to tell you that my new hats are fantastic!  The suede cloth is soft and luxurious, and the fit is just perfect.   Thank you so much for all the time you have taken to customize my hats and your patience with my exchange." ~  Rita, Illinois

     "I have ordered several of your hats and bands.  It is too hot to wear a wig here so these hats are great for the office and dressy enough for church.  I get compliments on my hats  every time I wear them."  ~  Dawn, Texas

    "I still have hair but it is thinning.  Your hats and bandanas look good on women with hair too and they are so easy to take care of." ~ Connie, Pennsylvania

     "Received my hat and band today and I just love them. My son told me it is the first hat I have bought that does not make me look like an old lady.  I love the comfort."  ~ Bonita, Alabama 

    "My sister wears your bandanas because she has lost her hair to cancer, but I liked them so much on her I ordered some for myself.  The sun is so harsh on my treated hair here in Arizona during the summer so the bandanas help and look good too.  They are also great for working out." ~ Liz, Arizona

     "One of the attorney's in my firm told me I need to keep wearing my hats from Doma Designs even after my hair grows back because they look so classy.  It is nice to wear something that does not look like another "cancer" hat!"  Mary, New York 

    "I had a woman follow me out of one store and into another store at the mall just so she could ask me where I got my hat.  That made me feel good.  Thank you." ~ Hannah, Maine

    "I ordered a couple of your hats for my mother who is in a nursing home.  I like the fact that all your hats come with a way of tightening them to keep them in place.  My mom can wear these all day and they stay in place.  They fit good and look so nice." ~ Fran, Ohio

    "I am ordering more hats for my mother.  She loves the first ones I purchased from you last month.  She said she is happy to have something that is not only comfortable, but fits well too."  ~ Joy, Texas

 "Thank you for all your help with my special order.  I'll be back! " ~ Jane, Colorado     

    "My hats fit perfectly.  It is nice to find a company who can provide me with larger size headwear without charging me extra.  Thank you for the great service!" ~ Martha, California

Customer Comments

We always love to hear from our customers.  If you have something you would like to add to this page, please e-mail us.  We appreciate your comments and your business!  comments@domadesigns.com



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