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Nature's Comfort Products contain the following ingredients in different blends and combinations:  natural grains, flax seed, lavender, chamomile, rose petals, cedar, cinnamon chips, fennel seed, gingerroot, comfrey leaf, comfrey root, clove, mullein leaf, fenugreek, rosebuds, orange peel, basil, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary.  Fabric Colors May Vary Based On Availability.   Please e-mail with any questions:  doma@domadesigns.com

8" X 14" 
Description:   Heat in the microwave for heat therapy, or place in the freezer for cold therapy.  Comes with removable, washable cover.
Uses:   Relief from sore muscles; tension; stomach aches, sinus problems; cramps; arthritis, Raynaud's disease, carpal tunnel syndrome; joint pain and stiffness.  Terrific as a bed warmer or car seat warmer.  Nice travel size ~ and children really love this size too.

Nature's Comfort Pad
No. ZP911 ~ $17.00


Size:   10-1/2" x 4-1/2"
Description:  Comes with removable, washable cover.  Contains flax seed, lavender and chamomile to promote rest and relaxation.
Uses:  Place across eyes to rest,  relax and get re-centered; relieve stress and tension;  block out light and  reduce eye strain.  Keep one in the freezer and use on eyes in the morning to reduce puffiness and dark circles ~ this is a really terrific way to pamper yourself and start your day off in a positive way.

Nature's Eye Pillow
No. ZP102 ~ $16.00

Size:  12" across
Description:  Made of suede cloth with removable, washable cover.  Heat in microwave and apply heat therapy.  Filled with a special blend of herbs and spices specifically designed to alleviate headache and migraine pressure.
Uses:   Heat and apply to forehead to eliminate headache and migraine pain.  Promotes relaxation and serenity. 

Migraine Manager
No. ZP301 ~ $22.00

  39" round
Description:  Made of suede cloth to feel soft against skin.  Heat in microwave  for heat therapy or place in freezer for cold therapy application.  Fits around any neck.

   Wonderful for eliminating neck and shoulder tension.  Wear at work or in front of the computer to alleviate stress and muscle tension between the shoulder blades and on the upper back and neck area.  Just the weight of this collar on the shoulders helps to maintain proper posture.  

Neck & Shoulder Collar
No. ZP710 ~ $32.00

Size:  5" x 12" 
Description:  This pillow  contains a blend of 12 herbs and spices and is our most aroma-intensive pad.  Heat in the microwave for heat and aroma therapy.   Comes with removable, washable cover.
Uses:   Heat and place anywhere on the body to receive heat and intensive aromatherapy.  Reduces stress,  promotes serenity ~ and smells terrific.  Place in linen closet or dresser drawer when not in use as a sachet.  

Herbal Pillow
No. ZP404 ~ $18.00

Size:  5" X 24" 
Description:  Heat in the microwave  for heat therapy or place in the freezer for cold therapy application.  Comes with removable, washable cover.
Uses: Perfect for wrapping around neck and shoulder area.  Relief from tension, stress and strain  for entire neck area and top of shoulders; place on spine for concentrated heat therapy; wrap around arm or leg areas.  A very versatile pad.

Comfort Neck Pad
No. ZP202 ~ $22.00

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Disclaimer:  We advise anyone with serious injury or illness to consult their physician before using these or any other products for treatment.