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~This is Our Story ~     
               Chemotherapy Hats

     This beautiful woman is my mother, Mary. She is the talent and inspiration behind Doma Designs.

 When I learned I had cancer in 2000, my loving Mother rose to the occasion ~ as she always did in a crisis ~ and did her best to make the experience less painful for me.  Before losing my hair to chemotherapy we searched for alternative headwear but were not satisfied with the products found in most stores because they did not offer full coverage for total hair loss.  I purchased a wig but it was so uncomfortable for me that I never wore it.

My mother went to the drawing board determined to create something that would work for me.  She designed several hats and then adjusted and refined the designs until they covered all the right places and felt securely in place. It was important to me that I could wear a hat without fear of it falling off or slipping out of place.   Comfort was my main concern ~ but Mom wanted me to feel pretty so she added  in the style and elegance.

When so many other women experiencing hair loss began asking where they  could find  headwear like mine, we decided there was a need for us to share Mom's designs with others.  Doma Designs has been a family effort started out of love and a passion to help others.

With great sorrow to us, in October of 2002 our beloved Mother got up early in the morning, sat down in her favorite chair and quietly left this world from a massive heart attack.  Losing Mom has been the hardest thing we have ever endured.  She left behind a husband, seven children and their spouses, 16 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and a wealth of extended family and friends who adored her so much and who miss her deeply.

My dear mother was not only a mender of cloth, but a mender of spirit and hope.  Doma Designs was a labor of love for her and she literally gave her heart to it.  It was her desire for us to send silent prayers and well wishes to every person who wore Doma Designs.  We will continue the work she started because we know her love, prayers and support continue to be a part of all we do.

We wish you good health and happiness,


Mother's Poem
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